Shiitake Brightening Body Bar

Shiitake Brightening Body Bar

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Our favorite goat milk body bar + the skin brightening benefits of shiitake mushroom + all natural botanicals 

Shiitake mushroom* Konica acid known to brighten skin, face acne scars and dark spots;* l-ergothioneine, which helps to prevent cell breakdown *anti-inflammatory (encourages faster cell turn over and improve elasticity) 

Alma* brightens and fades hyperpigmentation *protects from damaging effects of age and pollution 

Hibiscus* high % of antioxidants promoting cell recovery malic, AHA’s help to brighten skin tone and controls melanin production* hydrates* cleanses pores 

Passion fruit extract *high % or vitamin c, protects from sun damage *strengthen skin barrier * stimulates collagen 

Plum Oil *high % of vitamin c * ellagic acid (polyphenol)* brightens* protects against free radical damage * plumps * helps cell turn over*

Rosehip Oil * lycopene and beta carotene (skin lightening properties) *moisturizes * anti-inflammatory *rich in antioxidants