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Why goats milk?

Sometimes you have to trust that life is leading you in the right direction. My love for animals and my desire for skin perfection lead me to Sharon Springs and Farmer John.


Not sure which came first the chicken or the egg... or in my case the goat or the milk. My life long search for the most perfect skin has made me try most anything on my skin for as long as I can recall.

As a young teen I would head out to the family garden picking tomatoes and cabbage....not for cole slaw but for the acidic benefits to skin. I would raid the family pantry mixing up masks and potions for the face and body (see the DIY Kit at Beekman 1802 ... shameless plug I know).

Back in 2001 I was one of the first to add cows milk to products for the skin care benefits (carried by Henri Bendel). My research on the benefits of milk had me applying goats milk to my "Fancy" NYC facial clients and we were all loving the benefits. Anti inflammatory, skin loving proteins and fats as well as a natural exfoliation without any redness or drying effects of other acids..soothing and FABULOUS.  Once while working backstage at NYC fashion week a model was burned by a curling iron. I quickly slathered goat yogurt on the burn and she had instant soothing benefits. Wheels began to turn... what if I could get goats milk directly from the goats...

 I knew I had been drawn to Sharon Springs for a reason. Little did I ever imagine a weekend exploration would lead to my intense love of goats, Farmer John, a house, and now a little shop in the country!


So what is it about goat's milk that makes it extraordinary?

  • micronutrients including vitamins A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, and E ; with proven rejuvenating properties.

  • traces of selenium, zinc, copper, and iron, which keep our skin nourished and healthy. Selenium also has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent cell damage and inflammation caused by UV rays.

  • rich in fat molecules (fatty acids), proteins, and it naturally contains glycerin which boosts its moisturizing qualities. It's a natural emollient and it gets quickly absorbed by the skin creating a barrier that keeps it protected and smooth.

  • alpha hydroxy  &  acids  lactic acids also encourage the growth of new skin cells, helping repair damaged skin and make healthy skin look vibrant

  • anti bacterial benefits derived from the proteins in the milk help soothe blemishing and other skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and rosacea.

Goat milk soap is so gentle that even people with sensitive skin can take advantage of all its benefits without any of the consequences of using regular soap. Not only does it make me super happy to wash with my favorite scents; now in goats milk  I know that I am getting the maximum goat milk skin loving benefits a soap can offer.


And Now goat milk face soap bars. Perfect for two step thorough cleansing routines or to use alone. This is a blend of pure goat milk (from Farmer John's goats), duck egg which is rich in proteins and good for your skin fats, and lemon. Also available with boosters to fit your skin's needs. These boosters include vitamin c, vitamin e, apple cider vinegar, and the new rose hip!