Men's Shave Kit

Men's Shave Kit

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Danforth Shave Soap

This amazing duel purpose goat milk soap, can be used daily as your facial treatment bar as well as a shave soap.

  • use as your facial cleansing bar 2x’s daily
  • apply directly to wet skin to create a creamy rich cream

A blend of Goats milk, Duck Egg, Shea Butter, Lemon Oil, Helichrysum, Castor oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Andiroba oil and Licorice Root


ONE Shave Oil

All-in-One Shaving  oil

  • Use daily as your skin treatment oil and moisturizer
  • Use Prior to shaving to prime your skin and beard
  • Use in place of a shave gel, apply to warm wet skin ,

 shave as usual in small tight strokes                                                           

contains: helichrysum and andiroba oil, castor oil, black cumin oil seed oil, grapeseed seed oil and hemp oil

Danforth Shave Gel

Danforth Post Shave Lotion