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Part of a two-step cleansing process that gently, yet thoroughly removes toxins and dirt. This offers a deeper clean allowing better efficacy of your treatment products. Hand poured with goat's milk, duck egg, lemon and a booster customized to your skins needs.

Available in:
Face bar no.4,  Goats Milk, Duck egg and lemon and our skin nourishing blend of oils..for all skin types 
Brightening with Shiitake mushroom, did you know Shiitake mushroom has a natural kojic acid, well known for skin brightening, but Shiitake also helps to hydrate, and maintain your skins natural barrier...in addition we've added Amla, and hibiscus oils! 
Apple Cider Vinegar, to brighten and purify
Calming with CBD, our goats milk bar is always calming but we have added elemi oil and CBD to reduce inflammation.